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The Nightingale Queen

The Nightingale Queen


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The Queen is seen by many as an office, not just a human being, that whole "we" thing and has a leadership role very much based in the presentation of the baubles of office as they are termed by some. These baubles are of course not personal treasure of an individual but representations of the intent of office. Hence the changing of the necklace, for example, to a stethoscope and the placement of Nightingales in the Crown. The diamond encrusted presentation of the medical equipment serves to exaggerate and push forward the place of the medical staff in importance rather then to aggrandize the queen's individual position. There is play in the brooch which is based on one remembering Florence Nightingale's service in the Crimea. The V is Changed to E to make a play on Emergency Room and Elizabeth Regina. The Queen is an exemplary example of life long service to the hive and this artwork represents that, service.

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