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Queen Elizabeth

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A celebration and a recognition that “our Lizzy” was once a vibrant and attractive young woman who, when newly married had duties to carry out, a fact easily forgotten. It clearly lifts the curtain on the class based Victorian society which was delivering settlers from in the 18 and 19 hundreds. It also makes a statement about the Shaky Isles and steaming grounds we associate with Maori. So this image is one that expresses a fondness and also the naughty glint many men may have imagined they saw in her young eyes. On seeing this work one long time English immigrant to New Zealand wrote and lambasted me about her shock and horror at my lack of respect and obvious republican sentiments. She was very clear that the image was an unkind lampooning of our head of state... so many years here and this English woman just did not get a South Seas sense of fun and affection. Sure it shows an attitude of familiarity that comes from having rejected the stiff English class system and I find that a for more honest, open mind set.