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This work started as a homage to the naughty old boy Charlie McPhee and his exotification of the Pacific female but somehow she found a bigger story, a characterisation of the New Zealand spirit and the need to be cautious of the large nations who would have us be their Pacific lapdog.
This third version now depicts a more inclusive remembrance of our war dead. Musket Wars, land wars and the subsequent wars of the crown.

Might we revisit ANZAC Day, creating a day to reflect on and remember all our conflicts and those who fell rather than simply the hero cult and while we look at conflict as a whole in this nation we might also look at our possible involvement in future aggressions.
It is time to drop the dehumanising, blame conversations around our past and reflect honestly on our past so that we might stand more powerfully together into a common future...

KIA TUPATO is a New Zealand army legend and it mens "be aware, be cautious, be prepared"
We stand today on an edge. Kia Kaha Aotearoa New Zealand, stand strong in belief, clean water,
clean hearts, clean minds.
REMEMBER THEM. Those who fell, remember them all.

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