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Phantom Country II

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This is easy. Are we clean and green? Is this fantastic paradise we tell everyone about a truth or are we full of it? The Phantom represents the best part of ourselves, the part that would be heroic, truthful and express an ultimate integrity. Mr. Walker stands ready to do what is right, but do we? Why is the Phantom so prevalent in New Zealand art? All of my Phantom images start at a simple place. They ask the question, “what is it with images of the Phantom created by New Zealand artists and why can a simple plagiarized image demand figures in excess of 30,000 New Zealand dollars??!!” I do not really care so long as I can join in as I loved the Phantom all through my childhood and love the simple pleasure of black line painting. I decided that I wanted my images of Mr. Walker to reflect some idea of New Zealand in reference. So, without putting too finer point on it, I sometimes get to sit in my studio and create compositions of a cartoon character and draw and colour him in for a living. Gotta love that.