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All works printed by the artist on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper and K3 Archival Inks.


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This work is obvious I suppose in that it references Hone Harawera's notorious email outburst and the daylight robbery this and other Western countries think is okay when delivered by the white collar. This image suggests that a Mr. Watson might very well share the social profile of the Mofos Hone was speaking of. The doctrine of unfettered capitalism being a reason or justification for outrageously mendacious and avaricious acts perpetuated on the largely innocent, ignorant and old in our society is utterly wrong. I believe that Treaty reparations are an attempt to right similar injustice. We have seen all of this before however in ‘87 with Equity Corp and Fay Richwhite etc. Richwhite, get it Hone? Enough financial injustice can create the “French”reaction, which results in greedy heads being removed from greedy shoulders. The Calvinist creed of hard work and care for others is what speaks to this surely and is an essential effort in the creating of an egalitarian society. Work hard, play nice and be clear with the greedy or we will have to harden our hearts and sharpen our knives again. Stop cussing Hone!