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Many of us know the wild eyed stare of Charles Heaphy in the series of grainy black and white photos celebrating his Victoria Cross from the battle at Paterangi. His slim stature always shocked me, so lean and so intense. Heaphy was, like Von Tempsky an artist and travelled the country, painting places such as Nelson and Wellington Harbours on a contract for the New Zealand company. Here he is stripped and tattooed with his own artworks and an English lion. I wanted to capture that different time, attitude, that wild side of the men of the day, ready to face a "call to glory" but trained in the art of a brush, an explorer and wanderer and is remembered for his work defining the Heaphy track. This image attempts to deliver Heaphy into the attitude of the adventurous today, stripped to waist, tattooed and up for it whatever it is. Charles Heaphy went on to serve as a member of the New Zealand parliament among many other appointments.

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