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This image is meant to take the viewer into our history and help create a depth of understanding of Maori and who they were by introducing a specific character. Hongi Hika, also known as “Shongi” was a Neolithic cannibal Maori man from the Hokianga who in 1821 traveled to the other side of the World, conversed and dined with aristocracy and studied the European way of being and even the warring strategies of Napoleon. On his way back through Sydney he exchanged the gifts that Britons had afforded him for 300 or so guns and arrived back in his homeland the most powerful military force in the Aotearoa. He then marched the North Island and proceeded to vanquish his enemies in acts of utu (balance or vengeance) for perceived wrongs against his forebears. If we know who Sitting Bull and Geronimo are, surely we should know who this forefather of our own nation is. He was a fabulous character and his story is clear evidence of the courage, wit and entrepreneurial character of the stone age mind. Like Von Tempky, the Forest Ranger, he might be contentious but he is our past and we ignore their stories at a great loss to our national character.