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Ake Ake Ake


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This image of the bloody, male energy of Rugby and the to and fro of our history and rural lifestyle is at the other end of the scale from “Miss Kiwianaville” and celebrates our toughness. I choose to celebrate the rugged nature of the male, not the anger of it but the strength in it and the best part of a determined mind and what it can achieve over the physical. It also shows the beauty and flow of a competitive expression of strength. The Toi Moko represents Maori culture past and present and the way it is being moved around and used. Forever, forever, forever says we are here and the past is forever and will not be changed and we will always have to be the best with what we have, not what might have been. The game is on and who we will all be and how we will express ourselves is up for grabs. Get fit, get in position and make a country, society and culture together and don't expect it all to be easy. Competition creates the best of us and it is in that spirit a strong society will be built.