New Zealand Flag Debate



Boogie Man



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This Michael Jacksonesque image speaks to the inane rhetoric of racial hatred. It says demonising the fear of blending culture is a “Boogieman” tactic, created to control, it is erroneous and keeps us separate. Separate development is a social evil, not a protective device and I do not buy into it. There are many fears around the blending of cultures for Pakeha and Maori. The loss of independence and power being at the forefront. Mistrust of others is foremost in the creation of myths around other cultures and what the watering down of ones own culture might bring; cultural appropriation, loss of identity and the breaking of ranks. It creates a difficulty in easily defining ones allies and enemies and those who are not us; might be our enemies. It opens up deep fears of new thought and vague borders. Where fear resides people want clear lines of demarcation. You are either with us or ag’in us. This image represents the false evil that is preached about acceptance of the other by the angry disciples of non mixing and also the very real evil this dogma creates in our society, the catch 22. The Toi Moko atop the splendid breast of the imperial commander is the melding of darker sides of a sad gulf. “Boogieman” in it's darkness admits that the fear is a very real one, playing on the minds of many and that it is not an easy thing to dismiss but it asks the viewer to live in the knowledge of it and forthrightly reject it.