A Kiwi Queen



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As the UK plunged into the depths of where the unknown virus was taking the citizenry Her Royal Highness chose to, in her role as leader to her people used that beautiful song phrase to create hope. WE WILL MEET AGAIN. The Crown Jewels are of course not personal treasure of an individual but representations of the intent of office, hence the changing of the necklace, for example, to a stethoscope and the placement of Nightingales in the Crown. The diamond encrusted presentation of the medical equipment serves to exaggerate and push forward the place of front line medical staff in importance rather than to aggrandise the Queen's individual position. There is play in the brooch which is based on one remembering Florence Nightingale's service in the Crimea. A mask is worn as a statement of solidarity and leadership at a time that many did not understand the desperate need for regard for the other. Thanks to all of those who serve. We now know that Elizabeth Windsor walked into several brutal storms at the end of her life with courage, strength and dignity. They were a tough last stanza of what will always be remembered as a glorious poem of dedication. God Bless her.

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