Grief is the Price




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Only my observation but I was surprised that not one word seems to have been said about Elizabeth Windsor's post Covid health crash. Dreadfully sad to see her have to be so staunch and sit alone at Philip's funeral but in her inimitable way I thought she came back into the fray, looking relatively strong before getting Covid… her death was marked down as old age…. Did she just suck up failing to get past Covid because of all of the hoopla around vaccines and such? You know, nothing to see here folks, keep calm and carry on. This artwork celebrates her facing Covid with the "We will meet again" attitude, her staunch support of the Nightingale Services, knighting the old soldier and facing such loss in that church alone as in a stunning example of stiff upper lip… 90/91/92/93 years of age and still leaning into the heavy weather. All that and dealing with endless family dramas…. God Bless HRH.

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