Between the Devil and the Deep



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Between the devil and the deep blue sea…. This is no attempt to create an artwork of earth moving proportions but my simply deciding to have some fun in styles that I enjoy… We all have found ourselves in what is sometimes called a catch 22… no easy answer, some attrition in outcome no matter what we might do. The deep blue sea is a most beautiful place in my mind because of so very many hours spent in wild winds on my little race cats out past the islands. My most beautiful life moments, most present to the elements have been very alone out past the islands in waves and winds with my body acting before my mind might to keep a wonderful equilibrium as a true spirit of that sometimes furiously beautiful environment. But to feel that I had to put something at risk, often my very survival. We are told every day now that this is entirely problematic for "safety" reasons to be out taking risks in such places…. I think our best lives are often not lived in safe spaces and this artwork is a little prayer of thanks in it's own way. The devil of risk that the most beautiful deep blue sea delivers in the very real and the very metaphorical sense. May you find your adventurous place, whatever that might be and find the pure spiritual connection such risks so often delivered to me.

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